July 31, 2020

How To Send And Receive Email Through Your Telegram Messenger

Telegram have supported with Telegram Bot Ecosystem which makes its features always evolve. One of the topics that I am interested in reviewing here is the feature to receive in e-mails including replying to e-mails directly from Telegram.

Telegram GMail Bot

As  the name mention, this bot directly can be used if you using GMail. Just find @GmailBot and /start the bot, follow the instructions to link your GMail to this Telegram Bot. After connecting, you will begin to receive e-mails sent to your GMail address at Telegram.

Reply to any message here using Telegram's 'reply' option to send that response on behalf of your Gmail address.

GMail Telegram Bot

Fake Mail Bot

Slightly different from GMail Bot, @FakeMailBot does this by creating a new email address, then the email received is forwarded to the email address created through Fake Mail Bot. You need to set auto forward on your email service so you get new email arrive to the Telegram. 

Fake Mail Bot

Telegram Email Bot (@etlgr_bot)

Assign an email address to any Telegram chat: send and receive emails.
This bot very similar with Fake Mail Bot, and and its use is the same. 
Learn the installation guide through this page.

Telegram Email Bot

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