August 19, 2023

Batch PDF Encryptor: Powerful FREEWARE designed to encrypt and restrict multiple PDF files in bulk

Batch PDF Encryptor is a handy but powerful freeware tool designed to encrypt and restrict multiple PDF files in bulk, providing enhanced security features to safeguard your sensitive information. With its ability to add open passwords, set printing restrictions, and prohibit text copying, Batch PDF Encryptor offers a comprehensive way for protecting your PDF documents.

The best feature of Batch PDF Encryptor is it can automatically generate different random open passwords for each PDF file simultaneously, and save these passwords in a password CSV file. So no matter you want to protect different levels of PDF sensitivity, or to make it easier to locking different PDFs for different people, Batch PDF Encryptor would be a good choice.

Batch PDF Encryptor Highlights

  • Batch Processing
    Batch PDF Encryptor stands out from other encryption tools by allowing users to encrypt and restrict multiple PDF files in one go. This feature saves time and effort, making it an ideal choice for individuals and businesses dealing with large volumes of PDF documents.
  • Random Password for Each PDF
    One of the most distinctive features of Batch PDF Encryptor is its ability to add an independent open password to each file. This means that every PDF file can have its unique password, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized viewing. The open password acts as the first line of defense, ensuring that only authorized individuals can view the contents of the PDF.
  • Set One Password for Multiple PDFs
    Like regular PDF locker utilities, Batch PDF Encryptor also provides a standard way to protect all of your PDF files with a single password, making it easy to keep track of and manage your security.

  • Printing Restrictions and Text Copying Prohibition
    You can easily set printing and text copying restrictions on PDFs. This ensures that only authorized individuals can print the documents and preventing unauthorized users from extracting the text while reading PDF files.

Batch PDF Encryptor


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