November 22, 2021

PDF Unlocker Online: Allow users to print and copy content [Freeware]

What are Secured / Protected PDFs?

Common PDF files can be easily opened by the PDF reader program and allow users to print the content, copy the text and convert to other formats. However, you may find some of PDF files can be viewed like common PDFs, but you cannot print them or select and copy the content text. These are secured PDFs which were added permissions and restrictions by document creators. You can use this PDF Unlocker Online tool to unlock the print and copy functions of the PDF file on your browser.

PDF Data Safe

As we know the user piracy and data safety are the most concern in the world now, PDF Unlocker Online loads the program and runs on your browser locally, so it won't ask you to upload your PDF file to the server. Once you click on the "Open..." button and open a file, PDF Unlocker Online read the PDF data in your Browser and then you can hit the "Unlock" button to remove the restrictions from the file immediately. You don't need to worry about the data piracy or sensitive PDF content leaking, the whole unlocking progress works on your local computer seamlessly.

Fast - Unlock in Seconds

PDF Unlocker Online usually unlocks a secured PDF file in only 2-3 seconds normally (it may take more time if the PDF file size is larger than 10 MB), because it runs on the Browser locally and we have already optimized the decryption speed to the best. Select a PDF file, Unlock, then Save it. So easy!

PDF Unlocker Online Features and Highlight

  • No File Number Limit
  • No Need to Upload PDF Files
  • Unlock PDF Files in a few Seconds
  • Work on most of popular browsers
  • User Registration is Not Required
  • Software Installation is Not Required
  • Data & Privacy Safe
  • 100% FREE 

More about this software and download

PDF Unlocker Online Freeware


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