September 06, 2022

PDF Text Deleter [Freeware]

People may often find that some PDF documents have the wrong text that needs to be removed, or sensitive text should not be displayed in their daily work. Since PDF is a virtually printed document format, it could be very troublesome and complicated to delete these erroneous or sensitive texts on each PDF document one by one.

PDF Text Deleter is a Windows PDF utility enables users to permanently delete text from PDF files in bulk easily. Besides deleting the text users require to delete from multiple PDF files in batches, PDF Text Deleter can also enable them to set multiple texts or words to be removed at once for multiple PDFs to perform double batch text deletion. Users can also delete the text on specified pages by setting the page range option.

In addition to deleting the text normally, PDF Text Deleter also allows users to set the number of spaces to fill the space left by the deleted text.

PDF Text Deleter Features

  • Delete Text in Multiple PDFs
  • Delete Multiple Texts at Once
  • Permanently Delete PDF Text
  • Keep the Original PDF Layout
  • Support Protected PDFs
  • Customize Page Range
  • Match Case Option
  • Fill Blanks in Spaces

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PDF Text Deleter

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