January 09, 2023

Excel Column Extractor [Freeware]

People may often encounter dozens of Excel files, each containing the same type of data such as name, email, address, etc., but they are in different columns in different files. When you are going to do data aggregation or merging, is there a way to extract the same type of column data from multiple spreadsheets and then merge them into one Excel worksheet?

Excel Column Extractor is a Windows Excel spreadsheet data extraction and merging tool that can extract all the data of one or several columns from multiple excel files at once, and then merge them into one Excel worksheet. You can set the column headers to be extracted and the row number where the column headers are located (usually the first row) according to the content of extraction you need.

Excel Column Extractor also allows you to extract all the data from all the files added and then merge them into one spreadsheet. You just need to fill the column headers blank then start, the program would combine them into one instantly.

Features of Excel Column Extractor

  • Extract specified columns data from multiple Excel spreadsheets and combine them into one single worksheet
  • Combine all the data of multiple Excel worksheets into one sheet
  • Set column headers in rows
  • Customize the file extraction sequence
  • Support XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV, XML and more spreadsheet formats
  • Multilingual

More about this software and download

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Excel Column Extractor

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