April 25, 2020

Beautify Email You Send With Signature At The Bottom

An email signature is usually at the bottom of the email containing important information related to your contact data that can be used to support business development and also look professional.

This email signature can be made easily even without a special application. But to make it more beautiful and look professional, there are several service providers that provide templates that can be used free of charge. Here are some tips for making it.

We start with the simplest way to create an email signature, directly utilizing the tools available at the email service provider. 

Screenshot below email signature feature in GMail, you can directly type and insert picture through the toolbar. Fill hyperlink on picture so it can clicked and open the website you choose. You can create some signature and choose one of them when sent email (easy switch).

Email Signature - GMail

If your email service provider does not provide tools to create signatures, don't worry, you can use word processor software like Google Docs. Type any data that you want to convey there, maybe you can also add words of motivation as well. Insert your company logo, but this already in the form of image share link code. You can store the image in Google Drive or Google Photos. If all already set, just copy all and paste in signature setting form.

Create email signature using Google Docs

Below the screenshot that show email signature form in Yahoo Mail, just paste that you copy above in here.

Signature form on Yahoo Mail

The same way can also be applied to Microsoft Outlook 2019.

Add signature in Microsoft Outlook 2019

There are very easy way to create an email signature

This is done by utilizing email signature template providers with free, such as:

Fill data you want to show, then copy paste, or copy the HTML code and paste in HTML form.
Screenshot below are the example.

HubSpot - A Shiny New Email Signature Just For You

MySignature.io - email signature


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