June 11, 2021

How To Enhance My Photos Quickly And Easily For More Instagram Likes

If you’re cautious about gaining increased likes on your Instagram photos, you’ll need a wow-factor. This wow-factor makes your images eye-catchy, stopping your followers from scrolling to like your image. To achieve that wow-factor, you’ll need third-party image-editing software.

Do you lack photo editing skills? Worry not, we’ll share image-editing secrets so even a newbie like you can enhance their images. How? Keep reading this article.

Vertexshare Photo Effects

Photo Effects is a free tool available for Windows and Mac OS. It offers several filters, which are easy to apply, letting you enhance your images within a few minutes. It’s user-friendly and super easy to use irrespective of your photo editing skills. The photo processing is insanely fast, and you’ll see the results instantly.

It’s pretty lightweight, which means you don’t need a heavy machine to run the software. Moreover, a wide library of filters and effects will allow you to create stunning photos in no time.

Vertexshare Photo Effects - Enhance Photos Quickly And Easily

Why Use Photo Effects - Advantages

  1. No Photoshop skills? No problem. You can still use this software like a pro. It’s precisely designed for non-technical users and beginners.
  2. The preset filters can be applied within a single click. Just click on the desired filter from the list, and the software will automatically apply it to your image.
  3. There are more than 15 filters to choose from. This means you’re not going to run out of choices to try out.

Using Photo Effects For Image Enhancement - Simple Steps

  1. Visit https://vertexshare.com/photo-effects.html
  2. Download and install the software based on your OS - Windows or Mac.
  3. Launch the app and open your image. Go to The File menu, and open your image you want to beautify.
  4. To apply a filter, select the desired effect from the list on the left. The list populates all the available filters.
  5. The moment you click on the filter, you’ll see the results immediately. For every effect, there’s a set of exposure, highlight, tone mapping, shadows, etc.
  6. Adjust the slider. Suppose you want to change the contrast or saturation, slide the slider to apply the effects.
  7. You can apply several filters to a single image. If you’re not happy with the results, you can undo your actions.
  8. To have a closer look at your image, use the zoom-in tool available just below the menu bar.
  9. Don’t hesitate to play around and explore more features of the software.

More Image Editing Tools

Still wondering how to make amazing Instagram photos? This section talks about more image editing tools.


Follow these quick and simple steps to make amazing photos for your Instagram account.

  1. Download and install the free version from https://www.adobe.com/in/products/photoshop/free-trial-download.html
  2. Launch the app and open your image.
  3. Go to the File menu and choose “save as” to create a copy of your original file. All the changes will be saved to this copy, letting you keep the original copy unharmed.
  4. To enhance photos, you can find several filters under the Filter menu in the menu bar.
  5. For instance, to remove the shaking effect from the photo that might arise due to the shaking camera, go to Filter -> Sharpen -> Shake Reduction.
  6. A new window will open up. You’ll see some sliders on the right. Adjust the values to remove the shaking effect, that’ll sharpen your image. When done, click on the OK button.
  7. Similarly, use other tools that you’ll find in the Filter menu and Image menu.
  8. If you’re unhappy with the effects or changes that you made to your image, simply choose Revert from the File menu or press F12.
  9. When your editing work is finished, save the file and exit the application.

Adobe Lightroom

Let’s see how you can make your photos amazing with Lightroom. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit https://www.adobe.com/in/products/photoshop-lightroom/free-trial-download.html. Download and install the software. 
  2. Run the app and open the image you want to edit.
  3. For image enhancement, the primary effects include adjusting exposure, recovery, fill light, and blacks. We’ll cover all of them here.
  4. Click on the “Develop” button, which you’ll find adjacent to the “Library” button.
  5. Under the tone category, adjust the sliders for exposure, recovery, fill light, blacks, brightness, and contrast.
  6. Slide the slider to the right to increase the value. Increased exposure means lightened photos.
  7. Use the recovery slider to increase the detailing of the image that's washed out or isn’t clearly visible.
  8. The Fill Light slider will add some light to the darkest parts of your image. These are the parts with the darkest shadows, or where the light failed to fall when the image was clicked.
  9. When satisfied, go to File -> Export. Enter the file name and file type as desired to export your image.


Let’s see how this online photo effect filter will let you quickly enhance your images.

  1. Visit https://www.imgonline.com.ua/eng/ and go to Improve tab.
  2. You’ll see a variety of filters. Click on the desired filter (say Auto Contrast) to proceed.
  3. A new window will open up. Upload your image, then choose the output format, and click the OK button.
  4. The tool will automatically adjust the contrast of your image, and you can download the new file within a few seconds.
  5. Similarly, select Lightening just like you selected Auto Contrast previously.
  6. Upload your image. Set the Lightening settings by select the lightening level, choose the desired image output format, and click OK.
  7. Don’t hesitate to try out other filters as well. They’re free of cost.


You can find tons of free online and offline photo enhancement tools that’ll let you beautify your images. Online tools can be slower due to high load on the server, and or slower internet connection. Offline tools will be superfast. You don’t require immense photo editing skills or knowledge to use most photo editing tools. However, Photoshop or other software by Adobe demands editing skills prior to working on them.

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