September 07, 2021

PDF Mixer: mix and re-arrange PDF documents [FREEWARE]

A new software tool mixes pages of 2 or more PDF files and Insert Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents easily.

Today released their new freeware product PDF Mixer V1.0, which can mix or re-arrange pages of PDF documents, and insert Word, Excel or PowerPoint files into PDFs easily.

With the rapid development of the Internet, people often use and manage a large number of PDF documents in their daily work. More and more users find that they often need to manipulate and adjust PDF pages, or insert some pages from one PDF file into another. Most of PDF editor programs are usually complex and overwhelm beginner users at first glance, especially if they just want to rearrange certain pages in the document or mix the contents of some PDF files. PDF Mixer simplifies these processes and provides a variety of methods for inserting and adjusting PDF pages.

Unlike regular PDF tools, PDF Mixer is a powerful PDF page management and organization freeware tool which can mix and rearrange the PDF pages of 2 or more PDF documents, and add PDF pages to existing PDF files then save them to a new file.

PDF Mixer also allows users to copy, rotate, delete, switch and merge PDF pages in multiple PDF files easily. In addition, it can insert blank pages and images, scan new pages from the scanner to PDF, and insert Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents into existing PDFs.

PDF Mixer aims to quickly and effortlessly mix, reorder or add pages in PDF files for both novices and experts.

PDF Mixer Features

  • Mix PDF Pages of Multiple PDF Files
  • Reorder PDF Pages
  • Copy & Duplicate PDF Pages
  • Rotate PDF Page Orientation
  • Delete PDF Pages
  • Switch 2 PDF Pages
  • Merge Pages from Multiple PDFs into One File
  • Create Blank PDF Pages
  • Add WORD DOC/DOCX to an Existing PDF
  • Add Excel Workbooks to an Existing PDF
  • Add PowerPoint Slides to an Existing PDF
  • Import Images to PDF Pages
  • Import Pages from a Scanner
  • Create Password Protected PDFs
  • Create Restricted PDFs
  • Multi-Languages

More about this software and download

PDF Mixer - Merge PDF

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