August 02, 2021

A Handy Email Marketing Tool Sends Emails to Multiple Email Addresses in Bulk

A user-friendly and neatly organized freeware solution that enables users to send emails and newsletters to several email recipients at the same time.

There are many people who often communicate with customers or deliver their newsletters to their readers using emails, so a specialized freeware utility which can speed up the process is bound to come in handy. Auto Email Sender is one such tool.

Auto Email Sender

Neat and intuitive interface

The main window of Auto Email Sender is as straightforward as it can be, meaning that all the functions and features are easy to understand and use.

Users can start by entering their own email address, password, email server address and port, and then enter the list of target email recipients. They can either type them one by one in the "Send To" list, or paste contacts from a previously created file.

Auto Email Sender can also count how many email addresses users added to the list quickly, thus helping them make sure they have not accidentally skipped anyone. They can also automatically delete any duplicate email recipients.

Supports both HTML and text content types

When it comes to the content of the email, users can paste the text, and then select the content type they prefer, be it HTML or plain text. If they go for the latter, they can preview the email display result in a new tab in their default web browser.

Moreover, users can attach one or more files to the email, by only clicking the "Attach Files" button.

If users are not completely confident in their email configuration, there is a brilliant function offers them the possibility to send a single testing email to the first destination email recipient in the email address list. This way, they can double-check the outcome Email result before sending it to all of added email contacts.

Features of Auto Email Sender

  • Simple looks and easy to use.
  • Allow to change the delivery interval and speed.
  • Both plain text and HTML content formats are supported.
  • Support adding more than one attachment.
  • One-by-one delivery, simulating manual sending to each contact.
  • Anti-spam: use standard SMTP protocol to send email.
  • Failure log window: Save all email contacts that failed to deliver, so that users can correct them and send again.
  • Remove duplicate email contacts in one click, ensuring that each email recipient is sent only once.
  • Support SSL connection to the email server.
  • No limit of email contacts quantity in the list.
  • Error log window: record reason and server responses of email sending failures.
  • 100% free, tiny size, portable and malware clean.


All in all, Auto Email Sender makes it easy and comfortable for people to send numerous emails in one go, even if they are not an expert when it comes to PC. They only need to enter the information of their own email box, then set up the list of target contacts and enter the actual email subject and content, and then they are good to go.

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