January 21, 2022

PDF Redactor: Redact and Black Out PDF Text and Images Easily [GIVEAWAY]

A small PDF redaction software tool allows you to black out the PDF text and images to wipe the privacy content off with ease.

In our common daily work, you may often encounter some PDF files that contain confidential content or private information, such as personal and company names, payment amounts, credit card numbers and other important text and numbers. Before distributing the PDF file to the public, you can use PDF Redactor to redact (black out) or delete sensitive text and image in the PDF to protect the privacy. Not only can the blacked-out content not be viewed, but even if the reader uses the text search function, it cannot be found. The content will be completely removed from the PDF document.

PDF Redactor Features

  • Redact & Black Out PDF Text
  • Rotate PDF Pages
  • Support Secured PDFs & Unlock Automatically
  • Delete Sensitive PDF Content
  • Customize the Redaction Area Color
  • Add Text and Images to PDF

PDF Redactor Pro Giveaway Offer

Get the PDF Redactor Pro License before Feb 15, 2022 for Free here.
Serial Key: PV5833275XNRCUL