May 16, 2022

VibeCam: turning your iPhone into HD webcam [Freeware]

VibeCam is free and essential webcam app for offering higher degree of webcam optimization and turning your iPhone into HD webcam.

VibeCam made to use an iPhone as HD webcam on a Windows PC, so users can join a casual video meeting without buying a pricy yet shoddy webcam. If they are tired of these monotonous webcam backgrounds and filters in Zoom, MicroSoft Team, Google Meets, Webex, etc., with VibeCam, it’s possible to change/blur/remove webcam backgrounds, add 100+ filters and effects, or best of all, enhance the video image quality with an array of complex AI algorithms.

Advantages of VibeCam of using iPhone as a webcam

  • Image quality enhancer engine powered by AI, VibeCam can boost up your webcam quality in just 1 click, making you always look superb on every video call
  • VibeCam works with Unsplash to dilever you millions of stunning video background scenes. Your video calls could never be so exciting and amusing.
  • High-efficient recording that helps avoid creating giant files. No need to worry about your computer running out of storage.

More info and download
Available to Windows and iOS.

VibeCam - turning your iPhone into HD webcam

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