April 30, 2020

Free PDF to Excel Converter with OCR

Being a bit of a geek and a techie, I am often asked to recommend a tool to perform some task.
For example, how to download Youtube videos, how to create professional email signatures, or
how to convert PDF to Excel, and so on.

Free PDF to Excel Converter with OCR

There is a plethora of PDF to Excel conversion tools out there with different capabilities and
pricing, of course. So, when somebody asks me to recommend a PDF to Excel conversion
solution for them, I start by asking:

“What are you looking for in a PDF to Excel converter?”

The first response is usually: “Oh, well, I want it to be precise - to retain the formatting and
layout of my PDF tables in Excel.”

After some more probing: “OK, is that all? What is your budget?” I usually learn that the ideal
PDF to Excel tool is also fully free. It also can convert scanned PDF files. And it’s hassle
free: there is no installing anything on your computer; it is accessible from anywhere, anytime;
and you don’t have to sacrifice the confidentiality of personal and file information.

You may think I end up saying there is no such tool, but I don’t have to. Because there is a tool
that fits all the boxes. So I usually end up recommending the free PDF to Excel converter by

This is a nifty web-based service that converts PDF files to formatted Microsoft Excel
spreadsheets for free without any limits: you can convert PDFs of all sizes and any number of
files any given day.

Some of the key benefits of PDFtoExcel.com are that it’s safe and secure: the files are
converted right on the page where they are accessed only by software agents (not humans).
Furthermore, shortly after the conversion, all files are promptly and permanently deleted from
the servers. The feature that most online tool users deeply appreciate is anonymity: you convert
your files without registration and without leaving your email address or any other personal

PDFtoExcel.com also uses OCR technology which means that you can convert even image,
scanned PDF files to Excel.

Export PDF to Excel in 2 Steps Only

The user interface is available in 14 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French,
Chinese, and so on.

It is very easy to use and the entire conversion process takes two steps only:

1) Upload your PDF from your computer or directly from Google Drive, Dropbox or
OneDrive. Conversion starts automatically as soon as the upload is finished.

Free PDF to Excel Converter with OCR

2) Download the converted spreadsheet by clicking on the Free Download button.

Free PDF to Excel Converter with OCR

That is all there is to it. You can open your .xlsx file in Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet
application that is compatible with MS Office, such as open source LibreCalc and OpenCalc.
After opening your spreadsheet, it is ready for editing and further manipulation.

I am happy to say that most friends and Internet users who have asked me so far to recommend
a free and reliable PDF to Excel converter for them are very happy with my recommendation.
What do you think? Share in the comments section!

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